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Ignoring Convection Conditions for “Getting Started: Thermal” Tutorial

    • rsh96

      I was going through the tutorial for "Getting Started: Thermal" when I added the conditions for the IGBT bodies I was prompted that the convection for the bodies were going to be ignored. Other prompts included "The following are ignored for this stage" and "Fluid-solid heat transfer is not supported in this stage" I am using the Ansys discover student version for 2021 R1. Why are these notifications occuring?

    • Charudatta Bandgar

      Hello Ryan Halloran

      Please go through the Discovery Capabilities. You are getting the error, since you are doing this in the explore mode, the Conjugate heat transfer is not yet possible in it. You can do it in the Refine mode, if you have the appropriate license.

      Also, this forum you are currently posting on is for active commercial software support. You can register/Sign in to the ANSYS Learning Forum to interact with the Ansys Student community and also ask queries and explore through content curated for Students there.


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