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Illegal External Terminal – assigning current to a coil

    • elramire


      I am extremely new to ANSYS Electro and my skills are very limited. I created the attached 3D item and I was trying to run it, but I am getting the illegal external terminal. I did some research regarding this and from what I read was that the excitation has to be either a closed loop or start&stop. I need to create deflection on the rod with the design I created. The coil consist of 1551A and I created the current as shown below and for each current I set it up with the same value (1551 A). I also tried swapping the direction, but I still get the same error. I am not sure If I should use a different method or if I should use a different face (maybe the sides?)

      any assistance would be greatly appreciated it

    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee
      Hi @elramire The first point I want to clarify is, you cannot see the deflection in the rod in Maxwell.
      But what you can observe is the amount of force acting on the rod due to electromagnet.
      To observe the force acting on the rod Magnetostatic solution is enough.
      To understand how to create a coil terminal in 3D you can look at the "create the coil terminal" section in the below help file in maxwell.
      To understand the setup of how to see the force acting on the rod refer to the first guide - "Magnetostatic solenoid problem". This is a 2D example but will give you an idea.

      Regards Navya

    • elramire
      thank you for the guidance, I was actually able to follow the steps and assign the current on the Z-Y plane (as shown on the picture below). I ran Eddy's current and Magnetostatic and both simulations give me errors.But these are different than the initial ones, I am able to run the simulation this time, but I am not able to get results because of the errors. I am not sure if it has to do with the location of the current, I tried to move it to the same location, but closer to the rod but that is not an option when I select the surface.Any suggestions here?

      The pink location(Y-Z plane) is the one I selected to assign the current. I also tried X-Z plane and the same errors are generated

    • elramire
      The errors under the magnetostatic are the same as the ones for Eddys current. I know the picture for Eddy states the solution setup, but even after assigning the solution setup I still get the same errors as the ones for Magnetostatic regarding the conduction path.
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