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Impact force, damping on ball-to-plate impact

    • Cristiano Veloso

      I am working on a ball to plate impact, where the plate is constituted by several composite parts.

      I have a few questions. First, how can I assess impact force vs time? What I have been doing is using the RBDOUT data (the ball is a rigid part MAT_020), and using the z acceleration to calculate impact force (with the multiplication by a factor of 4 because of my 1/4 model). Is this the most correct form to do so?

      My second question is on contacts. Several CONTACT_ERODING_SURFACE_TO_SURFACE have been defined between the ball and the composite parts. I looked for common VDC values to input in the literature for similar cases, but couldn't find any. Do you have any recommendations?

      Finally, are there keyword examples online about similar examples, with a plate of several composite plies linked by tiebreak contacts, that you know of? I have found some very simple examples of similar cases, but if you know of more complex similar keyword examples please let me know.

      Thank you.

    • Ram Gopisetti
      Ansys Employee


      yes symmetry will help reduce the mode and may reduce the run time 

      VDC is used to redcue the contact stray oscillation and eange between 0-100 usually 20 is better and needs to further tuning as the model neeeds , check the manuel for the calcuation on the VDC values. 

      check for the papers its the best source, you can ask the authos for the input files, i am asure they migh send you ther models. 

      cheers, Ram 

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