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General Mechanical

Impact Load on Bridge Column. Modal Analysis and Transient Analysis

    • WeiSiang

      Hello All,

      I am simulating a bridge substructure (Column, Pile Cap, and Piles) when subjected to impact load (by heavy truck)

      First, I would like to confirm that whether the boundary condition correctly applied or not.

      Second, when I going through the Modal Analysis, the system doesn't show the deformation shape for the column.

      Third, the time step applied. The system shows the solution not converged at time 2.2E-02 (load step 3 substep 2). What meant by this and how to solve the solution?

      Forth, the soil-pile interaction is one of my concern in this simulation also. How to present well the interaction? Although I select the 'Bonded' as my contact for soil and pile cap, pile, it will penetrate the soil and the soil response was not satisfied.

      I attached the simulation file as a reference. Any comment is appreciated.


      Mr Soh.

    • 1shan
      Ansys Employee
      ANSYS staff are not allowed to download attachments. Please insert inline images describing your model, BC's (for point 1)and result ( for point 2) so as to support your query. Non convergence could be due to a lot of reasons - improper contacts, material properties, incorrect element formulations and few sub-steps. Check out 8.12. Guidelines for Nonlinear Analysis. Also there are several posts on the forum which address various non convergence issues. Please check those out.
      Regards Ishan.
    • WeiSiang
      Hi, 1shan
      Thank you for replying to me. Now I plan to do transient analysis only and I will insert few images as an assist to you all in a new discussion forum.
      Also, I will go and try what you have mentioned above.
      Regards Mr Soh
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