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Impact test using solid composite structre

    • mateuszj


      I would like to perform analysis of ball impact on composite sandwich structure prepared using ACP (Pre). I want to use it as solid model because of sandwich structure. I tried to use Explicit Dynamics, but then while starting analyze I get an error: "Solid Layered section is not allowed in the current analysis". It means that without LS-Dyna it is not possible to analyze it or i did something wrong on workflow level? 


      Thanks in advance for any suggestion.


    • Sandeep Medikonda
      Ansys Employee


      Hi Mateusz,

      The solid model process in ANSYS Composite PrepPost is based on the process for shell models. The composite model setup is identical to the setup of shell models. The composite layup is always based on a surface model.

      A solid model of the layup is created by solid extrusion based on the surface of the layup. ACP extrudes the solid model based on the layer information.

      Now you are right about your conclusion, we can't pass solids to explicit.

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