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How to simulate using impedance boundary

    • Chi-Wei Lee

      Hi, I am attempting to simulate a superconductor using HFSS. My understanding is that this can be achieved by implementing an impedance boundary on the surface of a perfect electric conductor (PEC). My model consists of a PEC and two lumped ports. However, the simulation failed, and the error message indicates the following: '[error] Port refinement, process hf3d error: Too few conductors were found on port 1. There should be one conductor for each terminal, with one additional reference conductor. Unintentional contact between conductors may cause this error. Please contact Ansys technical support.'

      The same issue occurred in another design where I added a substrate under the PEC.

    • Mrinmoy Bharadwaj
      Ansys Employee

      If you are creating lumped ports you would need to have a second conductor as a reference to the ports. 

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