Impedance Scan: “SIwave analysis mandates that at least one plane be present in the geometry”

    • Lassehol

      I get this error when trying to perform the Impedance Scan simulation. As far as I know, I have ground and shield planes in the OBD++ import. What does that error mean and how to fix it?

    • Praneeth
      Ansys Employee

      Did you cross check your imported model in SIwave with the ODB++ file?
      Were you able to see all the layers and the import was successful?
      Please check once.
      All the very best Praneeth.
    • jorgen.abrahamsen

      I am seeing the same error in Siwave, even though I belive there is no error in the stackup. I have imported the same design into Electronics Workbench, and there I am not seeing an error. There are two layers out of 6 where the VSS fill is > 90%, so they should automatically be detected as planes. VSS is identified as a power/ground net.

      In addition, for some types of simulations (SYZ) I get the following error:

      Metal layer "L05" is sitting in an air bubble; please change surrounding dielectric material using the Layer Stack Editor

      I have tried evrything I can think of to resolve this, no edit I make to the stackup has any effect. The surrounding layers are defined exactly as the other dielectric layers in the design, and I am not getting errors for those layers.

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