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Implant Meshing Problem

    • Patrick Colgon

      Hello everyone, I'm currently investigating stresses on a Knee implant. I rotated the knee component by 10° downwards (compared to the model which worked and I received as an STL-file) in SpaceClaim, I aligned one of the surfaces from the knee strucutre with the opposite face of the polyethylene cushion (middle part of the model). This allows me to rotate the knee structure perfectly around the cushion geometry. However when importing the model to Ansys Mechanical, the mesh fails for the knee structure. Attached a few images.

      Thanks and with best regards,


    • Sampat Kumar
      Ansys Employee


      Hi Patrick, 
      It seems geometry corruption issue. right, click on error >>Show problematic geometry. It will highlight the face failing to mesh. depending upon the face features, you can decide what mesh setting can help to get rid of the issue






    • Govindan Nagappan
      Ansys Employee

      You can right click on error message and see if it has an option "show probeatic geometry". Not all messages have this option. If the problematic geometry identifies a specific set of faces/edges, you can inspect the failed mesh to determine if there is problem with geometry at this location or if the mesh size is too big for this location and make necessary changes

      Consider using a sizing control and reduce mesh size and see if helps

      Set check mesh quality to No and see if it generates the mesh. Then check the quality to locates poor quality elements. You can then modify geometry or mesh sizes to improve the quality

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