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Import 3D STL file into Ansys

    • mahzad sadati


      I segmented the skull bone in Mimics software and created the 3D shape of it and now I want to import it into Ansys to model it. But when I imported it in SpaceClaim and for converting to a solid model, I got Ansys not responding message. Do I need to do anything before importing my model into Ansys? or for example, should I create a mesh model of it in 3-Matic and then import it into Ansys? 

    • Sampat Kumar
      Ansys Employee

      Hi mahzad, 
      I am recommending some following points that you can look into it.
      1. please check your system’s ram size, there might be the possibility that it is stretched.
      2. Please check the error in the imported geometry in SpaceClaim and Clean the geometry before converting it into the solid model. 
      3. you can create the mesh model of it and then import it into Ansys. 


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