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import .cdb(3-matic) in ansys workbench(20.1) for compression simulation of trabecular bone models

    • lalolanda6
      Hello, I hope you get my point. I'm sorry if you don't, but please understand English is not my first language.
      the trabecular bone model come from mimics, a .stl file, 3 matic convert the .stl file to .cdb, then import the .cdb file in ansys . that's a work from 2018(ansys 18.1), and today i need to do the same.
      i have to ways;
      1)i import the .cdb file in ansys with external model and then go to static structural, but dont recognize like a solid and have intersections of the body
      2)i dont find the 3-matic license/crack(long search) , so i have to replace this software with any do the same work , try with fusion 360 but when open in ansys i have interseccions in the body
      attached image of problem 2
    • bhagwantP
      Ansys Employee

      Hello lalolanda6,

      Looks like your problem is still unclear. Will you please eloborate more may be through screenshots/image attachements?


    • bhagwantP
      Ansys Employee

      For inserting images you may use attach image option at bottom of the taskbar.


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