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Import Deformed Model with Residual Stresses into Static Structural to determine crack S.I.F

    • Oddroj

      I am simulating the introduction of a press-fit, which plastically deforms the surrounding material, causing a complex residual stress field. I want to get the solved model, with residual stresses present and press-fit in place, and import it into a new analysis where I re-mesh and add a crack at a certain location with varying shapes and sizes so I can map the stress intensity factor of the crack.

      I have looked at the response to the below link, and considering I want to do a parametric study of a multitude of crack shapes and sizes at varying loads (as due to the press-fit contact the stress intensity factor doesn't vary linearly with load), I thought that it would take to long to simulate repeatedly the press-fit process.

      I have an assembly of parts which have some forces and supports on it. It is simulated to give me the results. The results are deformed geometry and some stresses which i export to text files to use in external model as initial stresses. I need to assemble the deformed geometry to another geometries ( in a CAD software) and after that, map the stresses to my first deformed geometry. How can i do these steps? Can it be done?

      1. get deformed geometry of an assembly.(The stl file is attached).

      2. map initial stresses of a deformed geometry to another assembly containing this deformed geometry.

    • 1shan
      Ansys Employee
      ,nHave you tried following the methodology given in the post that you shared? You could export the stresses of the 'surrounding material' and using external model add it as an imported load, along with the original boundary conditions on the part. Once you do this you can add a fracture object and parameterize the size. This might help
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