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Import File to Ansys 2022R2

    • Yushu Zhao


      Currently, I am using Ansys 2023R1 Q3D for designing. Now, I want to switching to Ansys 2022R2 Q3D to continue my design. However, I cannot open my .aedt file which create by Ansys 2023R1 in Ansys 2022R2. The error message is: project is created with parasolid geometry kernel. It cannot be open by electronic desktop using ACIS geometry kernel. Is there anyone know how to solve this problem?


    • Reshmi Raghavan
      Ansys Employee

      Please note that the files once solved in 2023 version will not be compatible with the lower version.

      If the original file was from a lower version (2022R2 or lower) and then simulated using 2023R1 a back up folder would be created (with a copy of the older version file) automatically in the main folder. The back up file can be used to simulate in the older version.

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