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General Mechanical

Import force coordinates (x,y,z) and its value in (x,y,z)

    • Saeid Khadem Moshir

      I would like to apply force on a surface from an excel file. I fill the column
      A: x coordinate
      B: y coordinate
      C: z coordinate
      D: force value (x direction)
      E: force value (y direction)
      F: force value (z direction)
      and I import the excel file using the external data. 
      The problem is that the workbench does get the coordinates of the force but it does not get the direction of the force in x,z and z directions.
      I was wondering if you help me how to import the direction of the force in excel sheet corrrectly.

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee




      That works as shown below.

      Thank you




    • Joakim Ngeny

      Hi Erik,


      when you import the forces using python instead of excel data, is there a way to plot the force distribution (contour plot or vector priciple) as you have done above? 

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