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Import Gerber file

    • Mahmoud Ghoneim

      I am using SIwave from ansys. And I am working in a project and want to extract the parasitics of the PCB board. I have the board as gerber file and have the stack up as excel file. I have used ADS to transform Gerber to GDSII. and imported it in ansys. I want to add nets as I only have the whole design as one net. also I have my via as seperate layer also I want the via to be through the whole PCB. I want to change this layer to via layer instead of a plane layer. Is there any easier way to import the gerber files into ansys.

    • Mrinmoy Bharadwaj
      Ansys Employee

      You can try using HFSS 3D Layout for importing Gerber files. However, a gerber file is just like a stencil and does not contain stack-up or via information. I suggest, if you can source the odb++ or the IPC2581 format of your PCB from the designer, you would be spending much less time in just getting the PCB ready.

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