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Import LS DYNA MAT24 Material Card in ANSYS Workbench and switch on non-linear properties

    • prasanna.sridharan

      Hello everyone,

      My name is Prasanna. I'm currently trying to implement a non-linear analysis of a polycarbonate with glass fiber infusion.

      All i have is a MAT24 material card where the plastic strain to stress values for various strain rates are given.

      In the engineering data, I used the LS DYNA material model for the piecewise linear plasticity (MAT24) and input the data. But when I open Mechanical and look at the material properties, the Non-linear properties are set to false.

      What exactly am I missing in the material properties to turn on non-linear properties for the material.

      I unfortunately cannot upload any information regarding the material due to the confidentiality.

      Any help or even some directions would be greatly appreciated. I'm quite new to the world of plastics and hence finding it a bit difficult to understand the material model implementations.

      Thanks and regards,


    • Chris Quan
      Ansys Employee
      If the strain rate-dependent of piecewise linear plasticity (MAT24) is defined through the Strain Rate Parameters c & p, the Mechanical GUI will take the definition from Engineering Data.
      However, if the strain rate-dependence is defined as multiple stress-strain curves, you need to use Keyword Snippet in Mechanical GUI. The Snippet is inserted under the body in Geometry to replace the default material assigned to the body. In the keyword snippet, you need to enter the material data in exactly the same format as defined by LS-DYNA Keyword Manual. See attached pictures below.
      Two keyword Snippets are inserted into the Tree Outline:
      The 1st Snippet defines the material keyword:

      The 2nd Snippet defines the curves used in the material keyword. The 2nd snippet is required since the 1st snippet only accepts the keywords beginning with *MAT, *EOS, and *Hourglass.

      LS-DYNA Keyword Manual is now part of ANSYS Installation and can be accessed from Windows Start menu.

    • JJaeger
      Hello everyone,
      I tried to insert the material data (MAT224) exactly as in the description. But in my case I directly get a question mark and and error message.
      When I try to insert the curve like the *MAT within the geometry, the job starts. But the Keyword Snippet and so the curve is not considered. The solutions are the same as without the Snippet.

      Do I have to consider some additional settings?

      Thanks in advance!

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