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Import Moldflow files

    • Cedricoliveira

      Good night,

      Does anyone have a procedure to import Moldflow generated files to Ansys.

      I generate the db and cdb files in Moldflow but than I can't retrieve the results to make a structural simulation in ANSYS



    • tsiriaks
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Cedricoliveira,

      I have heard from a Mechanical support engineer that

      "You should be able to resume the db in MAPDL or read in the cdb in either MAPDL or WB Mech via External Model.  Then set up and run the structural analysis."

      Please also note that

      " Moldflow can export undocumented (retired) element types and commands.  So user needs to be aware."

      Thank you,



    • MMorys
      Hi,nIn our company, we have access to ANSYS full licence and Moldflow Insight.nFrom Autodesk site, we have information about correlation and good cooperation with ANSYS. nHow we can Import Moldflow files with glass fibre distribution. W use Helius software from Autodesk dedicated to transfer data to ANSYS or Abaqus.nBest n
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