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General Mechanical

import of mapdl .rth file to workbench

    • NBKWBM

      Hello, i have trouble importing an .rth file from a Mechanical APDL solution to Workbench for further processing in structural analysis.

      The model import is done with the 'external model' and .cdb file leading to the thermal analysis (transient/ steady state). in the solution of the thermal analysis i click on read results from file and load the .rth file. It contains 2 time steps with the same temperature distribution.

      The temperature distribuion is now available and i can see it, but the 'solution' has a red flash with an general error noted. i need only the temperature distribution for the following structural analysis, but it needs a completed 'solution' prior to process the temperature.

      Do You have an idea how to import temperature distribution to workbench?

      Calculating the temperatures directly in Workbench is not a solution for me, cause there is a complex model behind. The only alternative is to calculate structural mechanics in apdl, that i want to avoid for several reasons.

      Any help is appreciated!

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