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Import PZT properties from APDL to WorkBench

    • AriFurlan

      Hi all!

      I'm trying to do modal and harmonic analysis of a piezoelectric cantilever beam in WB.

      I made the model in APDL: i defined density, anisotropic elasticity, piezoelectric matrix and piezoresistivity. the geometry of the model and i meshed it.

      I imported the .cdb file in WB, using the component system "external model", but WB does not seem to be able to read the APDL matrices... Any suggestions?

      I post the main stamps.

      Thanks a lot to anyone who will help me :)

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee

      That is not possible - please use the latest release (2021 R2) where we have native piezo+structural coupled physics modal or harmonic systems (see last image below) - this is the recommended workflow and we can now input our properties for the piezo straight into engineering data (see below) making it easy to define these properties and analyses these type of systems.
      2021 R2 screenshots:

    • Shanuka
      Hi I am struggling with the same question
      I can't model the PZT-5H material I already tried what you have mentioned above. But can you kindly send more screenshots and any command files to model PZT material.
      I would really appreciate if you can help me to model the PZT material in ANSYS.
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