Import S2P file to HFSS simulation.

    • Soonpark



      I would like to import the S2P file into HFSS simulation.

      I'm trying to run a periodic structure simulation with complex impedance components between two conductors in the periodic structure.

      I know that The HFSS supports lumped RLC or impedance boundary.

      However, the component that I'm trying to use contains a few active components.

      Therefore, I'm trying to use the S2P file of the components and importing it to the lumped ports of the HFSS.


      I found a few papers that explain how to import HFSS simulation into circuit design.

      But I can't found any paper that tells me how to import circuit design file or S2P file into the HFSS.


      If anyone who knows how to do this, please let me know.

    • VivekKamble
      Ansys Employee

      You can import S2P file into results, Please follow the steps, 

      Right Click >> Results 

    • AndyJP

      As far as I know, it allows only importing the result for report generation.

      But nonlinear/active components can not be solved in HFSS. Usually, the working point is defined by designer, and the boundary conditions for that particular point of operation are applied to the model. Correct me If my information is outdated.

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