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Import scdoc file to gemorety in Ansys 17.1

    • Tareq



      Please i am trying to import .scdoc files to geometry but unfortunately i could not import any, but i could import .stp files. Please how can i fix this problem?

      I tried to use the cad configuration manager and i run as administrator but unfortunately each time use it give configuration failed.


      Best Regards,



    • peteroznewman


      Are you on a Student license or on a full license?  The Student license for 17.1 does not include SpaceClaim. 

      If you attach the .scdoc file to your post above, I can do a one-time conversion to Parasolid that you can import into DesignModeler.

      If you want a continuous ability to do this then install ANSYS Student 18.2 or 19.0 which includes SpaceClaim.



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