Import Spaceclaim Geometry into Electronic Desktop


    • jemberson

      I am trying to import a SpaceClaim geometry into electronic desktop with no success.

      This is what I try to do:

      1. Modeler
      2. SpaceClaim Link
      3. But both options are greyed out

      I tried using workbench but after hours of trial and error and reading, I found that electronic desktop doesnt work through workbench for the student edition.

      What do I do?

    • Praneeth
      Ansys Employee

      Thank you for reaching to us and we appreciate your patience. Please note that there are certain limitations to AEDT student version. It is not possible to connect to SpaceClaim link in the student version like you do in a commercial version. But you can import STEP and DXF format files into it. Please convert your models in one of the said formats.

      All the very best,

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