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Import Thermal Desktop output into Static Structural

    • vyluu


      I'm trying to get the thermal deformation of a mirror surface.

      Instead of running a Steady-State Thermal analysis in Ansys, I used a thermal gradient file (.txt) generated by Thermal Desktop  and imported into Ansys Static Structural Analysis as External Data. The setup of the External Data Box feeds into the Setup of the Static Structural Box. 

      The thermal desktop file has 4 columns of coordinates X, Y, Z and Temperatures. When plotted, it is composed of multiple thermal gradients (circular parallel plates) across the thickness of the mirror. It is generated using the same geometry imported into the Static  Structural analysis. 

      Problem: The thermal load is not visible in Viewer window of the Setup/Geometry Editor and there is a question mark, instead of green check, in front of its folder on the tab on the left of the editor window

      I also tried to import the thermal gradient into Steady-state thermal and it showed up in the geometry editor as Imported Load. But there is still the question mark and its not visible as the example in the user guide (please the page 11 of the document)

      Does anyone have experience or idea what happened? Comments /opinion are appreciated. 



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