Importing Data from CFD-post to Mehanical – FSI

    • Marco501


      first of all this is the first discussion I open, I apologize in advance if I am not in the right section.

      I am setting up an Usteady simulation with Fluent and saving at everytime step the velocity and the static pressure for a future FSI in Mechanical. I am saving both .cdat file and .cas to be able to read all the time steps in CFD-post.

      I need CFD-post since I can create a PERL script to export the velocity field at each time step (I need it for Discrete Fourier Transform and/or POD).

      For the static pressure, I still did not find a way to export these data directly to ANSYS Mechanical. My idea is to use "Static Structural" and "Import Load" setting up the same time step and initial/final time of the Fluent simulation. I add that I did not use the Workbench package "Fluid Flow (Fluent)" for my simulation, but "Fluent (with Fluent Meshing)". I really appreciate your help

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    • Stephen Orlando
      Ansys Employee
      you can use the Perl script to export text files of the Static Pressure. Then add an External Data component to Workbench and then connect this to Transient Structural. Note that there are methods to multiselect the fields in External Data so you don't need to apply settings manually for each field. If you save the Fluent .dat at every time you can also connect the Fluent Solution cell directly to the Transient Structural Setup cell. This is a more automated way to get pressure from Fluent into Mechanical.
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