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Importing Line and Solid Bodies from SpaceClaim to Mechanical

    • peteroznewman

      I successfully built a model with solid and line bodies using DesignModeler to study a helical gear mesh.

      I started with a solid shaft that was split in quarters axially in DM to create vertex points along the shaft axis that lines were created on then line bodies were created with a circular cross section.


      Solid and Line Body using DesignModeler

      I'm trying to do a similar model starting in SpaceClaim. I imported spur gear solid bodies and created some lines in SCDM, but I don't know how to define those lines as line bodies with circular cross sections. 

      solids and lines

      I guessed that I should create New Components from the lines I drew. I guessed that I should add a Circle profile, which created this Beam object in the outline, but where do I enter the diameter of the circle?

      Beam circle properties

      Finally, when the time comes to import Geometry into Mechanical, I look at the Mixed Import Resolution property, and I can choose solids and surfaces or surfaces and lines. Don't I want solids and lines?  All attempts have only resulted in the solid bodies being imported into Mechanical.

      Geometry properties

      I have attached the ANSYS 18.2 SpaceClaim file in case someone can use it to answer my question.

      Thanks in advance.

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