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General Mechanical

Importing Polymer Material

    • egarcia9412


      I am trying to input a polymer material and its properties in the Additive App for thermal strain and porosity simulation.

      1.) I am having difficulty creating the files that are needed to import the material data. Is there a walkthrough or lecture on how to import materials in the Additive App? See Attached

      2.) Is it possible to simulate an imported polymer through Additive Print and Additive Science?


    • John Doyle
      Ansys Employee
      The additive suite of products is intended for 3D printing process simulation of metals, not polymers. nHaving said that, there is a beta document available in R2020-R2 that offers additional insights into how to build customized property files in json and csv format for importing for a user defined material. nIn R2020-R2 - Go to the online docs for Additive Users Guide (Print and Science)- Creating User Defined Materials- (link below)n on the hyperlink in last paragraph ...An in-depth document is available... that describes the theory and procedure, including the use of Material Tuner tool(beta). (link below)n
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