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General Mechanical

Importing workbench project to Matalab

    • Md_Salem

      hello everyone,

      I am working with vibration control in coupled field analysis. I need to extarct the control matrecies (state space matrecies). The ANSYS workbench offers this advantage through the command SPMWRITE. Unfortunately, it only works with 3 DOF (x, y, and  z), which is not suitable for coupled field analysis.

      Some fellows recommended using the MATALB commands since they can handle this case. I need to know how to load the coupled field modal analysis workbench project file in MATLAB.


    • Ashish Khemka
      Ansys Employee


      Please see if this link helps you:

      ">how to link ANSYS Workbench TO MATLAB Using Journal Files ??? - YouTube


      Ashish Khemka

  • Md_Salem

    hi, I think it is not working for that application

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