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Importnig geometries to Mechanical APDL

    • Filip Stenström


      I am a student how write my master thesis. I will model various bridge typs using mostly SHELL181 elements. However, I want an efficient way of creating and adjusting geometries into the ANSYS MECHANICAL ENTERPRISE. My intial idea was to creat geometries in Spaceclaim, export as .anf file and then using /input, gemotry.anf. This doesn´t work unfortunally.

      In previoud example file i got they wrote sometinhg like this, however I noticed there can be some problems when using .igs files and that it is better to use .anf or .inp files: 

      ! Wand 1
      IGESIN, RhinoModell_W1, igs         ! Import Rhinomodell

      If someone could show me how to do that it would be healpfull.
      Thanks beforehand.
    • Bill Bulat
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Filip,


      One thing you might consider is to locate the Help articles shown in the image below and try a number of different available options for importing geometry into MAPDL:

      If you have an .anf file, I think all you need to do is to read it into MAPDL with the /input command:




      The following Help article describes .anf file contents/format:


      but I don't see the simple instructions regarding how to read it in. So I'm not 100% certain, but I suspect what I have above is correct.

      Kind regards,







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