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Imposing equal unknown inlet flow rates as boundary condition

    • Valeria Guadagno

      Good morning!

      I am trying to carry on a Fluent CFD simulation on a complex geometry with 2 inlets and 1 outlet, only setting pressures as boundary conditions. The two inlets are initialized with same pressure and I also need to impose that the unkown inlet flow rate is the same there. Please can anyone help me with that?

      Secondly I don't understand why during the simulation Fluent changes a little bit the pressures I imposed at the inlet, which finally result to be slightly different.


      Thank you in advance

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Is the domain symmetrical? Just wondering if you can simplify to model half of the system.  Otherwise, the flow may be assymetric based on what happens near the inlet. 

      Please plot surface pressure on the inlets with node value off and post here. 

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