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Discovery Import

Impossible to launch Discovery SpaceClaim

    • ybiran


      A customer just bought a Discovery Essentials package. He downloaded the last executable and executed it.

      When he tried to launch Discovery SpaceClaim, he has an error message (see STEP1 attached)

      • He deactivated all entitlements by using the cmd.exe (see STEP2 attached) -> SUCCESS
      • He tried a ping by using the cmd.exe (see STEP3 attached) -> SUCCESS
      • The environment variable was checked (see STEP4 attached) -> SUCCESS
      • He set the variable ANS_FLEXLM_DEBUG=1 (see STEP5 attached)
      • He collected the log files located in %TEMP%.ansys (see attached)

      Since everything has been checked and everything should be operational (server connexion, environment variable, ...), I decided to check his ANSYS Discovery account. He received an email saying that a subscription was assigned to him (see STEP6 attached) but his account is empty (see STEP7 attached).

      Did you ever seen this problem ?

      Thanks in advance


    • Naresh Patre
      Ansys Employee
      Hello NOVACAD I am not seeing any log files attached. Can you visit the last page of troubleshooting document from below post and send the details as mentioned? Discovery License Activation Troubleshooting
    • ybiran

      Hello Naresh,

      The problem is solved. It was a problem of answer to the invitation during the license assignation.

      Thank you !


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