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Improving mesh quality

    • Eman Hegazi

      I am working on the aerodynamic simulation for the FSAE car, There is a problem with the orthogonal mesh quality.I tried hard with sizing, surface mesh, and volume mesh but in vain, it always 0.01 after improvement. I checked the geometry and I repaired it. I am grateful for any help😊

    • SRP



      I recommend you to please check Ansys innovation course: Mesh Generation Using Ansys Fluent Meshing – Lesson 2 – ANSYS Innovation Courses 

      This will help you to improve mesh quality.

      Thank you


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      To add, check what quality metric you're displaying. Default is still "skew" and not "ortho-quality/skew" So 0 to 0.01 is good (skew) but really bad for ortho-quality. 

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