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General Mechanical

In-plane vibration of 2D plate via ‘Modal’ with linear periodic symmetry

    • choi0652


      I'm trying to generate normal modes of in-plane vibration of 2D plate with 'Modal'. 

      The periodic boundary condition is applied to this 2D plate via 'linear periodic' in symmetry option. 

      But I got the error in the attached figure. It seems that linear periodic cannot be used in Modal analysis. 

      I think it is possible if normal modes are computed by using eigendecomposition of stiffness matrix and mass matrix by considering periodic boundary conditions. Any comment would be appreciated. 


      Thank you,

    • Sheldon Imaoka
      Ansys Employee

      Hi choi0652,

      What kind of 2D behavior did you specify?  Is it plane stress, plane strain, or axisymmetry?

      Also, which release of Ansys Mechanical are you using?

      It should work for 2D plane stress and plane strain, for example.  Be warned, however, that if you specify linear periodic, it's as if the portion is repeated indefinitely, so you would miss modes that would appear for a structure of finite length (or, in the case of plane stress, finite thickness, too, like out-of-plane bending modes).



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