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inappropriate thermal loads

    • Ruan

      Hello, I encountered some errors when simulating the frictional heat generated from the frictional contact pair. I have just defined the FWGT and FHTG with APDL command, and the reference temperature was set as 25. As shown in the following solver output, it reminds me the thermal loads were inappropriate, could you kindly tell me how to fix this problem?


       *** ERROR ***                           CP =   12095.422   TIME= 18:04:11

       Some of the element based thermal loads may be inappropriate.  Check   

       applied element loads carefully.  Ensure that film coefficients and    


       bulk temperatures are always positive.   



    • emad0098
      hi'm having the same problem. did you manage to find any solution to this?n
    • SaiD
      Ansys Employee
      Hi,nHere is a relevant thread that might help:nHi,nHere is a relevant thread that might help:nHope the suggestions are helpful,nSain
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