incompatible geometry

    • kakashi


      in order to import a "drone in HFSS" file I followed the following steps:

      1-the original file had an "scdoc" extension incompatible with HFSS.

      2-I went to Workbench to save the file with the extension "dxf" and "dwg"

      3-I imported the "dxf" file, I did the same for the "dwg"

       Problem I don't have the same geometry in HFSS when trying with both types of files and I lost the "model" tab usually in HFSS

    • Praneeth
      Ansys Employee

      You can use "modeler>spaceclaim link> connect to active session" option to import the model from space claim as show in the image.
      Please make sure that you run both spaceclaim and AEDT simultaneously and of the same version.
      Kindly go through "spaceclaim integration" section of the HFSS help document.
      All the very best.

    • kakashi
      THANKS it works
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