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Inconsistency in the results of one of the lessons

    • yarykgv

      Hello everyone, the other day I went through one of the lessons on using Ansys Fluent -

      I did everything right and got the same result as in the lesson:

        - from lesson

      - my data

      But I decided to check the coefficients from the "Results and Discussion" section using the same formulas and nothing matched:

      • - from lesson
      • - my data calculated in MathCad

      The problem is that I can't understand what I calculated wrong. I assume that I do not correctly understand some physical quantities in the formula.

      Task input - 

    • Federico Alzamora Previtali
      Ansys Employee

      R is the air specific constant of R_air = R_universal/M_air = 287 J/kg/K, not the universal gas constant.

      • yarykgv

        Thank you very much. Now everything is correct.

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