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incoupling of light

    • Fateme Salahshuri

      If i want to simulate the incoupling of light into the waveguide using edge coupling, what would be the best way to see the transmission? 
      1. using a x normal field monitor?


      2. Using ports?

      Should the monitor or the port be as big as my waveguide in y span and z span? 

      If i cover a larger geometry with the monitor or port, Would I see the transmission inside the cladding as well? 

    • Amrita Pati
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Fateme,

      I apologize for the late reply. We seem to have missed your post somehow. If you just want to look at the total transmission, then you can use either of them as both of them can give you the total transmission. But I would recommend you to use a x-normal DFT monitor as ports usually have larger memory requirements. The ports are combination of mode source, DFT monitor and mode expansion monitor, so if you want to see how much of the total power is coupling into a specific forward/backward propagating mode, then you can use Ports.

      Yes, that is correct, if there is some leakage into the cladding and the monitor is large enough to cover the cladding as well, then it would account for the transmission there.


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