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Increase in radiation efficiency with increase in number of excitations in antenna array

    • hxb160030

      Hello Ansys representative, 

      I've been simulating an array of on chip antennas (65-nm CMOS process). Each of the 7 elements are excited using individual lumped ports. Using the excitations tab on project manager, I change the magnitude of incident voltage between 1V and 0V to excite the individual elements - during post processing.

      I notice a sudden increase in radiation efficiency from ~47% to ~55% followed by a gradual saturation on efficiencies with excitation of further elements. (attached)

      Could you please help me reasoning this pattern in radiation efficiency please? Ideally radiation efficiency should depend only on the ratio of power accepted and radiated. In multiple elements (not connected - neither series nor in parallel) of this array where each element is excited individually, the radiation efficiency should not show this drastic increase.

      A slide showing this behavior is attached please. Please help.

      Thanks and Regards, 


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