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General Mechanical

Increasing font size of exported images + controlling resolution.

    • faradai2008


      I would like to know how to control the resolution of exported images + how to increase font size.

      I already used the exportation dialog as shown in the attached figure. The problem is that  I cannot increase the font scaling factor beyond 1.5. When I do this, the exported image doesn't change and the scaling factor resets to 1.5. 
      Also, is there a way to have consistent size/resolution for all exported images. I am including these images in Latex.

      Thanks in advance


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      I'm not sure what you're exporting from, but check you're setting an image size and not using the graphics window size. 

    • faradai2008

      I'm exporting from ansys mechanical using the button shown in the following pic. 
      How can I set an image size? I haven't seen such option anywhere! 

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