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Indexing variables

    • Alberto


      I'm trying to compute the sectional lift coefficient along spanwise direction. I've used the average force acting on the surface body using the force_z() function, then i'm trying to divide this value for a length, in order to get the distribution along a line. (is there any way to obtain this value differently? if yes, please tell me). then i did the same for the dynamic pressure, which I use as denominator in the lift formula. The problem is that in the dynamic pressure i've used the body (a rotating propeller) tangential velocity which is 0 in the center of gravity. This lead to a problem during lift coefficient computation becouse i'm trying to divide by 0 some quantity. How can i index the variable in order to avoid the zero values? Is this procedure correct ? 


      Many thanks

    • CFD_Friend
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Alberto,

      Which formula for Cl are you trying to calculate? 

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