Induced current in wire.

    • Aladzhov


      I have a simple model : a coil fed with current and a wire located at a distace from the coil. 

      Can i figure out what current will be induced in this wire?

      Thanks youuu!


      *The model is in Maxwell 3D, magnitostatic. 

    • mchristi
      Ansys Employee

      The Maxwell Eddy Current or Transient Magnetic solver can be used to determine induced current in a wire.  Multiple windings can be simulated having a current or voltage source in one winding (coil) and a 2nd passive winding (wire) with induced voltage and current flow.  A conductive path for current flow must be provided for both windings (either start&stop conductors which are open and extend to the region boundary OR conductors forming a closed loop, as shown below).

      The Maxwell Magnetostatic solver cannot determine induced currents directly but will return the inductive matrix containing the mutual inductance and coupling coefficient. 

      Please reference Maxwell online help topic: "Introduction to Maxwell" for a description of the various solvers and their capabilities.

      open vs closed conductors

    • Aladzhov

      Thanks you, @mchristi

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