Induced Voltage in Current Excitation

    • Lukas8778

      Hey there :),

      I'm working on the design of a PMSM and simulated my motor with a sinusoidal excitation of 1 Ampere (No load operation) at maximum speed .

      This simulation shall give me information about the maximum occuring voltage in the case of no load. In the results, it is only possible to plot the Induced Voltages of the 3 phases.

      My question:

      Which voltage is the induced voltage?

      Phase Voltage or RMS Phase Voltage ?

      Line Voltage or RMS Line Voltage?

      Thanks for your help


    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee
      Hi @Lukas8778 Under excitations, you must have grouped your coils under each phase. When you plot the voltages you will see a phase voltage graph for each phase.
      If you want to calculate the RMS value of the phase voltage you can right-click on the plot> Trace characteristic>All
      Choose RMS and select ok. you will see the RMS value for each phase voltage.

      Regards Navya
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