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induction motor simulation


    • Peter8415

      How to speed up the induction motor simulation in maxwell?

    • DELI
      Ansys Employee
      Hi, to fast reach steady state of induction motor/generator, linking could be used between eddy current solver to transient solver​. The long time transient effect of eddy current in rotor bars can be passed by using eddy current solver​. To link two solvers, the key point is that magnetic field of eddy current model should be same with the first step field results of transient model​. Keep same initial position of rotor, geometry and materials​. Same current direction and value​ Adaptive frequency is slip frequency in eddy current model.
    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Peter8415,

      Below are the ways you can speed up your simulation.

      1. If your model has symmetry you can reduce the model to possible symmetry.
      2. use a coarse mesh to reduce the number of mesh elements. This may reduce the accuracy of the results.
      3. Having a more powerful PC.
      4. Having an HPC license to distribute ANSYS batch jobs and run in parallel across many compute cores.



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