Industrial rotary dryer of solid particles

    • Achraf Nagihi

      I am writing to seek your guidance and expertise regarding a simulation process that I am currently working on. Specifically, I am trying to simulate a co-current rotary drying process that involves two phases - an air phase and a particle phase consisting of phosphate particles.

      the diameter of the solid particles is 0.5mm with a moisture content of 16%. I am trying to simulate the evaporation process, where the particles enter with a moisture content of 16% and temperature of 20°C, and leave with a moisture content of 3% and a temperature of 85°C, the air enters with a temp of 800°C and leaves with 85°C.

      My question is whether I should use "droplet particles" or "multicomponent particles" for this simulation. I am quite confused about which type of particles would be more appropriate for this process, and I believe your expertise would be invaluable in helping me make the right decision.

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Have a look at the wet particles too. The precise choice depends a little on what's left following the drying process. Given how complex these units can be you may want to start with a cold flow model and build up the physics. 

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