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    • Marcos Garcia

      Hello all,

      I'm running a static simulation about the project in which I'm working, lets say its about a plane because i cannot specify more. I'm running a simulation about the propulsion process so my inputs are the imported pressure from fluent and the inertial acceleration (g forces).

      This kind of simulation should be simulated in Ansys Dynamics, but I don't have this license. I'm doing an approximation in Ansys Static about that project, so I was thinking about the inertial relief. In this simulation, there are no movements restriction, so I need to turn on the inertial relief to be able to simulate that (as i learned, the inertial relief is used when I need to perform a static simulation when the movement is free).

      The Von Mises Stress are very low, Pa magnitud like 0,02MPa as maximum and it's could be very confused for me and i dont know if this approximation is correct. 

      ¿Could any of you send me some feedback about that simulation if this is corrected simulated as I described or send me some recomendation to simulate this project in Ansys Static?

      Thanks in advance!

    • Dave Looman
      Ansys Employee

      If the load is relatively constant and doesn't produce a dynamic response this approach is correct.  A check on the result would be to use a soft elastic support over the surfaces of the model instead of inertia relief.

      • Marcos Garcia

        Okey, i understand what you said. I will check that.


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