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Inflation fails

    • aaaxxxyyyy

      Hello everyone,

      I'm currently working on a Python script for Ansys Mechanics that aims to generate a magnetic distribution over a series of copper tapes. These tapes are bent into an archimedean spline, creating conductive and non-conductive halfrings with half symmetry. Each halfring typically has a material thickness of 300 um, a height of 8 mm, and starts from a radius of 18 mm. Separating these tapes is a non-conductive material layer of 100 um with the same dimensions. Normally, I work with 50 to 100 such tapes, each with an increasing radius. Please refer to the attached image for a clearer visualization:



      My current challenge arises when attempting to create an inflation layer using the following settings:


      While the inflation layer generation works well for 75 turns, it fails for 100 turns. I'm looking for insights into why this might be happening and what settings I should consider modifying.

      The error message I encounter is as follows: "The inflation layer generation did not complete. This may be due to poor quality patches in the surface mesh, sharp geometric features, or narrow passages."

      I have included an image depicting the successful inflation of 75 turns, whereas without inflation, the process is successful for any number of turns, also include it. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

      75 turns with inflation:
      The inflation is very nice, so I really wonder why it fails if I increase the number of copper turns.

      100 turns without inflation, because inflation fails:

      100 turns without inflation, because inflation fails:

      100 turns without inflation, because inflation fails:

    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee

      have you tried suggestions in


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