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Inflation problem on a heat transfer pipe


    • Peppebru

      Hello guys,

      I'm working on my thesis project and I'm trying to improve my mesh. I have a 500mm pipe, plus 100mm of adiabatic surface on both side to assure the fully developed flow and improve the convergence, the diameter is 1mm. I need 1µ first layer thickness in the contact surface between fluid wall but using Inflaction the orhogonal quality becames very low in inlet and outlet, as you can see in the pictures, and when I go to use Fluent the software suggest me to increase that. What can I do to increase it?

    • Swathi V. V.
      Ansys Employee
      Please try to improve the mesh structure at the initial part of your domain, provided mesh is not purposefully created so. Why does the red zone have two inflation layers?

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