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General Mechanical

Influence of cracks on Buckling behaviour of Bamboo

    • Divya Giri

      Hi Everyone, 

      I need to investigate the influence of cracks on the buckling behavior of a bamboo model. For that, I generated a pre-damage bamboo model in three ways; a Semi-elliptical crack, Arbitrary Crack, and a manual crack by creating a void into the model through SpaceClaim.

      I can't carry out buckling analysis in the presence of a Semi-elliptical crack and an Arbitrary crack because Ansys doesn't support the buckling analysis with a fracture folder in it. While generating manual crack, the model which was generated with different parts was converted into one solid body. I am stuck and couldn't really decide what would be best fit for me to carry out the influence of crack on the buckling behavior of bamboo culm. 

      Any help regarding this would be highly appreciated. 


      Best Regards,

      Divya Giri

    • John Doyle
      Ansys Employee

      Can you take out the fracture folder, but still include the crack geometry and simulate a nonlinear structural analysis with a perturbation load that will induce structural instabiility?

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