Inhomogenous process distribution on multiple machine error

    • Kimoo1135

      Hello everyone,

      So I am trying to solve using parallel processing and when I set the number of gpgpus to 1 I have this error “Inhomogenous process distribution on multiple machine error or processes per machine not an exact multiple of gpgpus per machine or not enough gpgpus per machine. Gpgpus computing disabled”

      I have NVIDIA Quadro K2000/ 2 Sms/0.954 GHz/ 2.14748 Gbytes. Also, when I use the parallel/gpgpu/select command it shows”invalid command [select]

      I am using Ansys 15.0. Thank you

    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee

      Please update to a supported and new release. 15.0 is very old.

      Moreover the Number of processes be an exact multiple of number of GPUs.


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