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General Mechanical

Initial Imperfection and scale factor

    • AbelBerhanemeskel

      Hi Everyone,

      I was trying to model the initial imperfection using the eigenvalue buckling mode shape but I got confused about the scale factor. Is the scale factor the amplitude at the maximum buckled shape of the chosen mode? or should we just let the scale factor be 1? If the scale factor is indeed the amplitude does our choice of units come into consideration when we are applying it?


    • Ashish Khemka
      Ansys Employee
      nnPlease refer to the following excerpt from the Ansys Help ( Factor: this property scales the displacements of the initial configuration. If Scale Factor is 1.0, the full displacement value will be added to each node, 0.5, half the displacement value will be added, and so on. Negative Scale Factor values subtract the displacements and reverse the direction of deformation.nRegards,nAshish Khemkan
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