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inlet, outlet and body of a curved pipe not recognizable in Setup

    • Attiya221


      I am trying to simulate water flow through a curved pipe with a conical sweep.
      I built the geometry using Rhino6, it generates drawing with .igs and many other extensions that Ansys Fluent can read. The final geometry was a poly-surface. I can import it and generate a mesh and an inflation, but when I reach the Setup stage, the Named Selection edges of the inlet and outlet are not visible in Boundary Conditions. I also struggled to generate the Boundary of the body since it only recognizes it when I use Smart Select for the mesh and the inflation.
      I am hoping to get a velocity profile of the water flow but since the inlets are not recognizable, the Contours can not be generated.

      please let me know if you need any files or information to help with this enquiry.

    • Naresh Patre
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Attiya221

      From the problem description, it appears that you are using ANSYS Fluent for your simulation. If my understanding is correct then you will have to post your question on ANSYS Student Community or ANSYS Customer Portal based on the type of license that you have. This forum is specifically intended for seeking assistance on ANSYS Discovery products. Thank you for your understanding!

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