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    • HafizAziz


      I am final year student taking up a project on the suspension system of the FSAE car. I am tasked to research and write a report on the FEA and simulation of the suspension system.

      Are there any recommended innovation courses I can take or videos to watch for to help me understand the basic fundamentals of FEA and simulation on a suspension parts and the entire system? And also how to interpret data I receive in my analysis?


      Muhammad Hafiz

    • 1shan
      Ansys Employee
      Below are a few tutorials you may find relevant :-
      Topology Optimization of FSAE upright -
      " target="blank">
      Baja Front suspension design -
      " target="blank">
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Fatigue analysis of FSAE hub -
" target="blank">
Apart from this you may find a few FSAE related hands on tutorial files on AIC. I would recommend you to have a look at all courses and try completing the most relevant ones even if they are not related to FSAE. The concepts and methodology in most structural FEA problems remains the same. Once you get a grasp of the tool, features and understand the key concepts you could easily apply them in the purview of a student formula vehicle.
Regards Ishan.
  • Mahesh Tachale

    Check out the recently Launched courses for Student teams at

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